Holiday Brown Sugar-Dijon Glazed Ham served with Meiomi Pinot Noir

  • untitledBrown sugar-Dijon ham paired with Meiomi is the perfect holiday ham and Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir’s contain the acid and seductive complexity to cut the fat from the ham and add the sweet, exotic, magical multiple layers to the palette.



Meiomi offers a nice hint of berry, oak, earth and spice notes. This is rich yet medium weight, with subtle edges to the blueberry, raspberry, mocha and fresh-turned earth flavors.

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with Vina Maipo Reserva Red Blend


Lamb has a pronounced pungent flavor. The most popular cut of lamb is the leg with the dry-heat cooking method such as grilling or roasting.  This meat works well with medium to full bodied red with softer tannins. It balances blackberry and the deep plum notes with a complex acidity that cuts through the richness. My choice for this Lamb is Vina Maipo Reserva Red Blend. Continue reading “”

“Dreaming Tree Cabernet” This wine rocks!


My recommendation for my Blue Cheese Burger is “Dreaming Tree, Cabernet Sauvignon”.  This wine Rocks!  This is a Dave Matthews collection.  I am going to keep this simple.   Bold, fruity reds are the classic, go-to wines for beef burgers. Continue reading “”