About Wine & Recipe

Welcome to Wine & Recipe.  This blog is about giving you a better understanding how to pair your wine with a meal.  Have you ever prepare a perfect meal but your wine fell flat?  The concept behind wine pairing is understanding how to balance the weight of the food and the weight of the wine.  In this blog, I will give you a simple recipe and a cost-friendly wine to pair with it.  Pairing a bottle of wine with food can be overwhelming and confusing.  It is not just about a red or white wine.  We have access to wines from all over the world and many culinary traditions and choices.  Food and wine are meant to be enjoyed.
I found recipes that are simple and not time-consuming.  The vino I pick to pair with the meals can be found in any grocery or wine and spirits stores.  You may or may not agree with my choice of wine, and that is ok! Everyone’s palette is different, and the golden rule is “drink what you like.” Wine & Recipe is just a basic wine pairing site, and many wines will work as well.  The pairings are to help you get an idea of how to pair a wine of choice with your meal.

If you have a different wine selection or want to add something to a recipe or need help pairing a wine with your meal, let me know.  I will do my best to try it out. However, food + wine = exercise!  I will do my best. Cheers!

Science of food and wine

The real concept in wine pairing is understanding how to balance the weight of the wine and the food.  Stitching the two together without overpowering one or the other is what you want to achieve.

Foods have flavor components such as fat, sugar, salt, acid and bitter.  Wines also have flavor components, sugar, fruit, acid, and alcohol.  By achieving a correlation between the two, wine and food can be a delicious combination.  Each enhances and strengthens the experience.  There are six elements to make wine pairings work.  These are fat, acid, sweetness, salt, texture, and bitterness.

  • Fats in foods are mostly high Cholesterol foods like cheese, butter, oils, rich meats.  Fats in foods make you less able to taste acidity, bitterness, and tannin in wine.
  • Acid in food can make acid in wine go away.
  • Sweetness food will make wine taste less sweet, as well as make the spiciness in food go away.
  • Salt with an acidic wine goes well together.
  • Texture is important. Rich food, rich wine, light food, light wine.
  • Bitterness in food can bring out the bitterness in wine.

These are tips to give you an idea of why the combination of food and wine can enhance what is being consumed.  I will give you more pairing tips as more wine & recipes come out.