About me

Hey, my name is Tamara.  I have been in the hospitality and wine tasting business for over twenty-five years. My background carries a certification in Hospitality, also Food pairing techniques, culinary courses and basic wine essentials.  I have worked with several wine distributors and chefs performing wine tastings, classes, and wine dinners.  I love sharing my passion for wine and food to everybody!

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to promote hundreds of wines; I learned that many people do not know much about wine or want to know more. Also, wine drinkers just buy the wines they always drink. “I only like big reds like Cabernets.” There are so many fabulous wines from all over the world, so why not expand your palate?  I will admit that I love my cabernet.  However, I enjoy trying different wines, whether the wine comes from the U.S. or another country.  I think the best way to explore new wines is to try them with food. Pairing a bottle of wine with food can elevate a meal and make it much more enjoyable.
I find recipes that are quick and that I have prepared in the past.  Next, I  shop for wines that are cost-friendly and pair well with the meal.  Some of these wines you might be familiar with, but with many you will not be.  You have an opportunity to try something new and get to know the grape, the region, and, most importantly, the taste.   Have fun and try some of the recipes with the wines.